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Celebrating the first Supermoon of 2021, and what is known as the Pink Moon, this healing circle is all about self-love, and opening ones heart to the beautiful art of giving and receiving.

During this one hour session, we take a look at the energy within each of the 7 major chakras to see what is ready to be released and cleared. This group reading is followed by a gentle, supportive meditation designed to support you through the power of community to release and recharge.

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Open to all ages 18 and older.

Meet your Guide, Lisa Richard

With over a decade of experience working as an Executive Assistant for top leaders within the post-secondary field, Lisa combines knowledge gained from her life experience, degree in business management, and spiritual training as a Level 3 Reiki Master, Emotion Code Practitioner, Human Design Guide, and Business/Life Coach. Lisa made the decision in 2019 to leave the main stream world and listen to the calling of her heart to open her own business and offering healing services on a full-time basis.